MIT and Harvard Announce Major Diabetes Research Breakthrough

It may not be long now before diabetes is a thing of the past. According to an announcement made by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as the DIABIMMUNE study Group, scientists have identified a way to determine the onset of Type 1 diabetes.

The Announcement

The announcement came on February 5, 2015, in light of the findings from the largest longitudinal diabetes study to date. The findings show that a change in human gut microbial can predict Type 1 diabetes.

In the past, studies have shown a connection, but this study is the first to indicate specific changes that lead to Type 1 diabetes.

Where It Goes From Here

Now that scientists can predict what can cause diabetes, they may be able to develop methods to diagnose early as well. Considering Type 1 diabetes is usually discovered during a health crisis, this development can be lifesaving.

This finding could change and improve the approach research takes in seeking better management tools, treatments and an eventual cure.

Photo: Bay Health