Brown Bagging It with Diabetes: How to Keep Lunches Healthy

Just because you can't be home cooking a healthy meal doesn't mean you can't eat well at work. Here are some tips for packing a healthy lunch.

Pick Lean Proteins

Be careful of the processed, sodium-filled lunch meats. Opt for leaner grilled meats instead, such as a roasted chicken breast or leftover steak from dinner. Don't forget vegetarian options, such as a lean hummus or bean chili.

Watch the Carbohydrates

Throw a couple of sandwiches into a lunch sack, and you could be falling into a carbohydrate trap that will spike your blood sugar. Limit yourself to one sandwich, and opt for sprouted wheat breads. Alternatively, make a wrap so you only get one serving of carbs instead of two.

Load Up on the Veggies

Forget the potato or macaroni salad, and don't even think about those bags of chips. Instead, give yourself plenty of vegetables and fruits to fill yourself up. Some raw vegetable strips, some leftover veggies from dinner or a side salad are your best options for side dishes. A nice piece of fruit for dessert will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

Replace the Fat

Mayonnaise, oils and dressings can quickly make the calories mount. Instead, try putting mustard on your sandwich, opt for a lean yogurt dip for your veggies, or try spreading some fat-free salad dressing on your wrap.

Just a few minor changes to your old lunchbox staples can make a huge difference in your health.

Photo: Boston Magazine